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Dredging Electric Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab

  • 1.According to the shape,the grab can be classified into clamshape grab and orange peel grab, the former consists of two complete buckets, and the latter is made up of three or more than three jaws.
  • 2.It ia mainly designed for handing of power and fine bulk materials such as

    chemicals,fertilizer,grain,coal,coke,iron ore,sand,particle consreuction materials and amashed rocks etc.

  • 3.It has been widely used in ports,steel plants,power stations,ships and garbage treatment,plants,and is used together with tower cranes,ship cranes,ship unloaders,traveling cranes and other type of cranes.Under running cranes or bridge crane are distinguished by the fact that they are supported from a ceiling structure and run on the bottom flange of structural members.



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  1. Dredging grab is a kind of effective tool for underwater handling mud,hard clay,iron sand,blasting rocks or salvage of the ship.


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